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Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry

Cosmetic and Orthodontic Dentistry

Steven Bergara, DDS, offers a wide range of services with a focus on patients’ esthetic goals in mind. Our dental practice in Alhambra, CA provides cosmetic and orthodontic care. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bergara, and discover your options for building a beautiful, healthy smile.

Achieve Your Best Smile Yet

A beautiful smile can improve self-esteem and contributes to self-confidence. Treatment to address discoloration, misalignment, and uneven teeth can greatly improve a patient’s esthetic. Dr. Bergara helps patients determine their needs and develop a customized treatment plan to achieve an ideal smile to last a lifetime. Cosmetic options at our practice include:

Bonding and white fillings repair cracks, chips, and teeth affected by cavities using composite resin, material that resembles the color of natural teeth while providing the durability to withstand everyday use.

Porcelain crowns restore the structure and esthetics of a damaged or treated tooth while protecting it against decay and fracture. Our shade-matching service ensures patients receive crowns made to match their unique smile.

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that adjust the shape, color, or size of teeth to generate a uniform appearance. Dr. Bergara also offers Lumineers®, a thinner alternative that requires no preparation.

Teeth whitening with Zoom!® brightens smiles by several shades using dental-grade material able to lift away stains. We offer both in-office and take-home methods to allow patients to receive whitening services at their convenience.

Orthodontics in Alhambra, CA

A straight set of teeth isn’t only appealing but encourages better dental health, too. With over 20 years of experience administering orthodontic care for children and adults, Dr. Bergara is able to provide nearly all your cosmetic and orthodontic dental needs under one roof. Options for orthodontic care include:

Phase I retainers are available for eligible young children to prevent future alignment issues. These appliances guide the growth of the jaw to develop a straighter smile.

Traditional orthodontic options have been the proven method for straightening teeth. Using a set of brackets and wires, braces are able to move teeth in alignment.

Self-litigating braces utilize a method of orthodontics that makes adjustments to treatment as treatment progresses, requiring fewer appointments and faster treatment.

Invisalign® and ClearCorrect® clear braces are alternatives to traditional braces that utilize plastic aligning trays to gently shift teeth into an ideal position.

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Determine your esthetic needs by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Steven Bergara. Visit our dental practice in Alhambra, and explore your options for improving the appearance and health of your smile. 

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